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Die Plattform für Citizen-Science-Projekte aus Deutschland: Mitforschen, präsentieren, informieren!

international collaborations


Citizen Science knows no boundaries – that is why Bürger schaffen Wissen is internationally connected. Below we provide an overview of our international partnerships:

  • Bürger schaffen Wissen participates in the activities organized by the European Citizen Science Association (ECSA), through the ECSA member institutions Museum für Naturkunde Berlin and Wissenschaft im Dialog gGmbH.

  • Since a couple of years Bürger schaffen Wissen is closely working with the Austrian citizen science platform Österreich forscht. In 2020, this close partnership has been sealed by a cooperation agreement which from now on provides the basis for our common collaboration. Bürger schaffen Wissen is also member of the working group Quality Criteria, from the Citizen Science Network Austria, and was involved in the conception of the quality criteria for citizen science. The quality criteria for citizen science projects on Österreich forscht can be found here (in English). Bürger schaffen Wissen is a partner of the Austrian Citizen Science Conference (ÖCSK) too.

  • Bürger schaffen Wissen is also integrated into the so-called D-A-CH-AG for Citizen Science. The working group promotes the mutual exchange between actors in citizen science in the German language (Germany, Austria, Switzerland).

  • Bürger schaffen Wissen is in conversation with the new online platform EU-citizen.science, of which the Museum für Naturkunde Berlin is a consortium partner. The goal of the platform is to map out the various facets of European citizen science projects and research by sharing knowledge, tools, training, and resources for citizen science. Bürger schaffen Wissen actively contributes to the success of the platform on a European level. 

  • With its expertise in citizen science and science communication, Wissenschaft im Dialog is a partner in the EU project CS Track "Expanding our knowledge on Citizen Science through analytics and analysis". The project aims to map the citizen science landscape in Europe and to examine the potential and added value of the projects. The project findings will help formulate practical recommendations for European policy, depicting how to better anchor citizen science in European society and economy.

  • Through the Museum für Naturkunde Berlin, Bürger schaffen Wissen is regularly involved in the events and activities of the international Citizen Science Association (CSA).