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Die Plattform für Citizen-Science-Projekte aus Deutschland: Mitforschen, präsentieren, informieren!

Projects available in English

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Choose a project and click "read more" to be redirected to the project's website. There you can find all the information you need to get started right away. Have fun exploring! 

Animals & Biodiversity


Watch chimpanzee footages and help research the habitat and behaviour of these primates.


Find out what the color of water says about climate change by using the EyeOnWater app.

GBOL - German Barcode of Life

Support the creation of a "DNA Barcode Library of Life" for plants and animals.

The Mosquito Atlas

Help to research the distribution of mosquito species.

Red Admiral migration

Report butterflies' sightings and help explore their migratory paths.


Support scientists and nature conservation authorities by sharing your nature observations.

Animal Tracker App

Observe tagged animals and support science in terms of animal behavior.

African Plants - A Photo Guide

Support research into African plants with your photos and expand our knowledge of Africa's flora.


The majority of living organisms in the ocean are plankton, but their distribution and composition are still largely unknown. Arrange plankton images and join in the research.

Climate & Environment

Loss of the Night

This project investigates the influence of aritificial light on animals and humans.

SenseBox - Die Kiste mit Sinn

Build your own weather and environmental monitoring station. 

Plastic Pirates

The youth investigates the amount of plastic waste in German rivers.


Support traffic research by sharing driving data.


BeachExplorer is a project where you can report your beach finds and thus contribute to research on the distribution of marine organisms.

History & Culture

Transcribathon Europeana 1914-1918

Help transcribing over 200,000 private documents from the First World War period.

ARTigo: Social Image Tagging

Discover the world of painting and the fine arts while developing a database of art history.

YES! – Young Economic Solutions

Students work intensively on a research question and are in close contact with researchers from selected scientific partner institutes.

Health & Medicine

Hush city

Help scientists and city planners to act against noise in the cities by downloading the Hush City app.